Falls Golf & Country Club Results of Dec. 20 Duplicate Bridge: Section A, first, Peter Grabler and Frances Platzer; second (tie), Vicky Moullem and Myra Marsh; second (tie), Albert Balik and Muriel Balik; fourth, Charlotte Tucker and Clara Tepner.

The Woodlands Inn & Resort recently held its sixth annual Golf Classic at Mount Laurel Golf Course. The proceeds from the golf tournament benefitted Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Bridge and Wyoming Valley Children’s Association. The event generated $ 2,500 for each organization to be used to support area youth programs.

CEDAR FALLS, Iowa — Golf likely will get a little pricier inCedar Falls next year.

David Fay is retiring from the U.S. Golf Association, his two decades as executive director marked by a steady push for golf’s return to the Olympics and for the U.S. Open to be held on golf courses that anyone could play at a reasonable price.

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