There are basically three ways to grip a putter and the most common of these is known as the “conventional grip.” Other methods include the “cross-hand grip and the grip with a hand that is used especially with a long putter.

Although the conventional grip is the most widely used, the cross-hand grip is often preferred by most experienced golfers. A handle, which was made famous by the legendary golfer Sam Snead, has also proved very successful.

Many golf enthusiasts are familiar with this grip after Snead demonstrated how they could put their dominant hand on the bottom of the well and its weakest at the top. Snead bent over and essentially used only one hand to stroke his putting success.

As for the conventional grip, golfer often use this method because it simply feels natural to put your dominant hand below his weak hand in the golf club. This is the same way a baseball player usually have a bat and is how most players have all the other clubs.

As for the head and eye movement during a putt, however, this grip May not be the best. Scientists have determined that the cross-hand grip, which places the dominant hand on top of the putter and the weaker party in the lower part, are more likely to minimize the movement of the eyes for long putts. This is a good trend, especially from the eyes on the ball much better to start.

Similar to the prevention of eye movement during the cross-hand grip, scientists have also determined that the head movement is considerably less for short putts cross side. This was also proved to be the case in the grip of fewer operators, while incorporating a grip on your game.

The grip is very strange and has a lot of time to get used but can be very successful as Sam Snead demonstrated. Regardless of the strangeness of the front, these scientific discoveries have been recently published in a book entitled “Principles of Biomedical Engineering in sport.” The book shows how both computers and biomechanics can demonstrate that certain golf courses just tend to work against better for certain players.

If you feel comfortable with the conventional grip, cross-hand grip or a grip, it is important to try to resolve them before the most successful for you. Some address a little getting used, but may be more successful after giving them a chance.

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