Between the hundreds of millares of golfistas in the world, many are travelling eager. They have taste to combine holidays, breakage of the weekend and trips of businesses with an occasion of playing the best courses of his chosen destinations. The great courses act like magnets to the golfistas of discernment. The courses and the facilities of the bad quality are not what they are looking for the golfistas that travel typically – although the optimization of resources is often a consideration.

It is amazingly difficult nevertheless, because the golfistas that travel to identify the best areas for the breakage golfing, that attends to play when they obtain there, and what to wait for of cualquie particular course. Most of the guides available (books) contain the purely effective information and give to golfista little idea of the quality of the courses, or that the courses will give better him ” day-towards outside golfing. Symbol different from the mentioned guides of golf previously, is great, shining, the books of the center table, that could dig in the very considerable detail in some ” blue-chip ” courses – but it is far from ideal for the planning and the trips or the holidays golfing of the reservation.

Many guides in line of golf exhibit all the golf courses but fall to answer the questions keys for the golfistas. The route locates to the list only those clubs of golf and hotels with those who have commercial adjustments. Still other sites demonstrate only to the same courses superiors or they concentrate in a limited geography. The golfistas that travel often want to play the best courses in an area, and need a system reliable degree, the details of the contact and the information exceeds what they ‘ finding of ll when they obtain there. One needs to need a remedy for these openings information. The golfistas want to discover which is really as and is impatient each course to learn on the historical antecedents of each club of golf. The golfistas highly want the photos of the high quality of the maps of the courses and location, demonstrating classified courses everything within a region, to facilitate the breakage of golf and the planning of the holiday.

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